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1991Fi Lee Tat (Hong Kong) Co.,Ltd. established in 1991, engaged in CNC mould making. The factory building has 200 square meters and 10 employee were hired.
1997For business expansion, FLT moved from Hong Kong to Shawan Baimen in China. The new factory building has 1000 square meters and the number of employee increased to 50.
2001FLT set up as a sole foreign company named Fi Lee Tat Plastic (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Additionally providing plastic injection processing services, and the number of injection machines increased to 10 and employee increased to 80.
2003For business expansion, FLT moved to Ping Hu, the sum of the new 3-floors factory building has 3000 square meters. Factory occupation of land is 3500 square meters in all. Besides, mould making facilities were renewed, and the number of injection machines increased to 16 and employee increased to 120.
2005FLT implemented RoHS Management that forbid to use certain Hazardous Substances to fit the clients’ requests.
2006FLT obtained ISO 9001:2000 Certification, besides, FLT rent 2 more floors (1000 square meters) for expansion, the factory building increased to 4000 square meters and factory occupation of land is 5000 square meters in all. And the number of injection machines increased to 26 and employee increased to 230.
2007The number of injection machines increased to 36 and employee increased to 250.
2009Quality Control Team was established in Moulding Department, and 2 Pipelining Assembly lines were added in Production Department.
2010The number of injection machines increased to 45.
2012The number of injection machines increased to 57.
2016Injection machines are renewed, and cooperates with colleges to implement internship programs

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